David Candle
Whatever Plate
Hand in Hand Handy Mugs
Mug with Attitude - Worker’s Spirit
Hand in Hand Handy Socks
Moai’s Precious Scented Soap
Big Soaprise - Hand Soap Blind Box
Big Soaprise - Healthy Dumbell Soap
I Am Awake Cap
Mug with Attitude - For Dads

What we are trying to do 
by building Udoland:

Why we start 

Emerging from the vibrant heart of Beijing, 
UDOLAND stands as a youthful bastion, seamlessly intertwining the realms of exquisite design and contemporary whimsy. 

In an age saturated with consumer offerings, our spirits find themselves ensnared by the demands of employment, often succumbing to the relentless 996 work culture. 

Faced with this reality, our coping mechanisms often manifest through vents and memes within the comment sections or bullet screens, releasing the pent-up emotions we harbor.

UDOLAND aspires to transcend the virtual realm, 
bringing the vividness and self-deprecation prevalent in our online interactions into the tangible fabric of real life. 

We seek to immortalize these sentiments through meticulously crafted objects, each possessing its own soul and attitude. 

In doing so, we aim to serve as a poignant reminder of life's true essence and offer a taste of freedom within the intricacies of daily existence.

Exquisite design
Objects with soul
Design + Whimsy
Unique designs
Wow your daily norm

Udoland - Land of Poisoneous Design

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Designed in Shenzhen, China