Big Soaprise

Healthy Dumbell Soap


A puzzle for the Laid-back:

Every workout seems like a big deal, yet all one truly desires is simplicity in exercise. However, much of our time gets lost in commutes, showers, and dressing.

So, we've devised a luxurious solution tailored for the sophisticated, health-conscious individual: introducing the Healthy Dumbbell Soap.

A fusion of bathing and fitness:
For those who are consistently busy, it introduces a new standard of health and cleanliness.

Given the daily routine of bathing, why not take advantage of the moment to tone those biceps while washing with soap?

Thus, with each lavish use of the soap dumbbell, not only does one achieve impeccable cleanliness, but also undergoes a thorough muscle-toning session, leaving one feeling refreshed, immaculate, and revitalized.


The Blanc
Amidst the spring's refreshing embrace
Post-bath, reclining amidst garden allure, steeping tea
A pristine bouquet of florals intertwines with tea's allure
A mind serene, free from clutter, pure as driven snow

Top: Fresh tea leaves, zesty lemon, grass.
Middle: White tea, okra, subtle white pepper.
Base: White musk, amber, Ambergris.


Creama Wong

Material: Natural coconut oil, olive oil and palm tung oil

Weight: 230-240 g / 8.1-8.5 oz



Place the bath soap on the bathroom countertop. 
When washing hands or bathing, remove it from its place. 
Wet it gently, then swiftly rub between your hands to create lather. 

The surface of the bath soap is smooth. Please handle with care to prevent accidental dropping.