Hand in Hand
Handy Socks


The touch between hand and hand enlights a magical power,
granting each of us, solitary and oftentimes incomprehensible beings, a fleeting sensation of soulful connection – a rarity seldom granted in ordinary moments.

The Hand in Hand Handy Socks possess the ability to foster a constant communion with one's inner self, for the greatest fear lies in not understanding oneself.

Moreover, these socks seamlessly pave the way for an inadvertent clasping of hands with the one you cherish, subtly displaying affection in its truest form – for discreetly flaunted affection is indeed genuine love.

Regular Size:  EU 35-43 / US 3-11.5 / 22-26.5 cm
Extra Size:  EU 44-47 / US 11.5-15 / 27-28.5 cm

Material:  High-quality 144-needle combed cotton; Thickened bottom loop



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