I Am Awake 


In cycles spun, day after day

Perhaps our hearts in slumber lay

With eyes held wide, feigning awake

Ready to react, for others' sake

Let casual eyes, upon your hat, play the role

And grant you respite, for just a stroll

In fleeting moments, find reprieve

From life's wear, let solace weave

Material: Cotton, magnets, arcylic

Weight: 140 g / 15.4 oz



Feiou Su


Contains small parts such as screws and nuts. 
Please keep out of reach of children to avoid accidental ingestion.
Contains metal components such as screws, nuts, and damping hinges. 

Do not wash with water or put them in the washing machine to prevent rusting or damage to the metal components.
With prolonged use, damping hinges may become slightly loose, which is a normal phenomenon.