David Scented Candle


In the glamorous realm of design, where creators toil tirelessly and burn the midnight oil, a designer found herself losing strands of hair due to the demanding workload.

Determined not to suffer alone, she whimsically envisioned a tale of "David, the Candle of Simultaneous Brilliance and Baldness" resting on his desk. 

Following the mesmerizing dance of the flame, behold the emergence of an artfully depicted bald David, a masterpiece born from the essence of the burning candle.

This scented candle symbolizes the fiery dedication of youth, blazing with creativity, while also extending wishes for abundant hair growth to all who encounter it.

** In China, barbers like to give themselves English name, and for some reason, very often Tony. So gradually Tony becomes a synonyms as barber


Classic - "Enchanted Ivory Grove"
Top:      Bergamot, bitter leaf orange, a hint of sweet orange
Middle: Lavender, ceylon cinnamon
Base:   North African cedar, juniper

Green - "Anxious Banana Leaf"

Top:      Grass, leaves
Middle: Juniper, spearmint
Base:    Amber, green tea, North African cedar

Black - "Mystery Obsidian Fables”

Top:      Rose, cumin
Middle:  Juniper berry, white tea
Base: Oud, musk, agarwood, Guaiac wood, North African cedar

Candle is made of a mixture of soy wax and bee wax, 100% natural ingredients.Bald David bust is made of resin plaster, providing smooth touch and delicate details.

Burn Time: 2-4 Hours
Candle Weight: 80 g / 2.8 oz


Creama Wong